our story

We are pro-life feminists.

We believe that being pro-life means that we respect, value, and protect the inherent dignity in the life of every single human being -- from conception to natural death.

We believe that feminism means the moral, economic, and social equality of all human beings, achieved through nondiscrimination and nonviolence.


As pro-lifers, we work for the protection of the life and dignity of all human beings, regardless of age, size, ability, dependence, sex, race, sexuality, religion, or any other circumstance.


As feminists, we especially uphold the dignity and value of women and girls in a culture that has historically devalued the contributions of women and degraded their dignity.

We don't fall into one stereotype or fit into solely one sociopolitical box.

We believe that being pro-life is for everyone.

We believe that feminism is for everyone.

We believe that the future of the pro-life movement is feminist...

And that the future of the feminist movement is pro-life.

This is where the future starts.

We are a coalition of organizations, collaborators for a culture of life. 

Some of us are single, some are infertile, some are parents, some are childless by choice.

Some are women, some are men. Some are LGBTQIA+, some are straight.

Some are liberal, some are conservative, some are politically unaffiliated.

Some are super-crunchy-granola organic, some are all about modern amenities.

We represent different races, religions, and tastes.

But no matter where we come from, we want you to know that you matter...

That every human you encounter is valuable, precious, irreplaceable.

@2017 by Aimee Murphy and Encounter Youniverse project collaborators.